Jessica Johnson Lash & Brow Serum

Jessica Johnson Lash & Brow Serum


Classic Beauty Brow and Lash Conditioning Serum

  • Formulated in Austria, this eyebrow and eyelash thickener is the real deal! It works!

  • Ophthalmologist approved and clinically proven to produce longer, stronger, thicker eyebrows & eyelashes in just six weeks sans the reactions that typically accompany other lash treatments


  • Always apply on cleansed and well dried lashes and brows

  • Heavily saturate brows for best results

  • On lashes brush a fine line along the base of the lash line

  • Do not skip days – daily use produces best results

  • Excellent for conditioning and preventative care. Brows thin as we age. Use of this product can maintain thick healthy brows and lashes.

  • Helps keep lashes with extensions hydrated and strong and restore lashes after removing lashes.

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