Biologique Recherche Stockist

Biologique Recherche Stockist


Abigail Zsenai Skincare & Eyebrow Studio is proud to be an authorized spa and retailer of Biologique Recherche products. Our products are always new and fresh as we receive weekly shipment from Biologique Recherche. 

Biologique Recherche is a French biological skincare line with 40 years experience developing powerful products that restore and protect the skin, microbrewed in Paris, France using raw, clinical-grade, chemical-free high quality ingredients, and the highest concentration of active ingredients in the market with no artificial fragrance or colorants. With a medical approach to nurture and support the barrier function of the skin, it is very effective in treatment of all skin types and conditions including acne, dryness, premature aging, sensitivity, allergies, and sun-damaged, devitalized skin.

To place an order for Biologique Recherche skin care products, we would recommend you to contact us for a consultation as your skin’s needs are constantly changing and this brand offers bespoke, tailored, highly customized skincare treatments. Enjoyed by many A-list celebrities as their secret to non-invasive skincare regimens. 

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 802.280.5892. 

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